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10,000 Cranes for Relief & Hope

The annual¬†Cherry Blossom Festival of Southern California is certainly one of the big spring events, which means it is well-attended. Which means that if most attendees made or purchased an origami crane, and made a donation, a good deal of money could be raised for the¬†Japan Earthquake Relief Project. Which is exactly what will be … Continue reading

Cranes for $$

I am very happy to tell you there is now a similar project called “Cranes for Japan”, which has been sponsored by the Bezos Family Foundation, which will donate $2 per crane up to 100,000 cranes. At the end, the cranes will be turned into an art installation. http://studentsrebuild.org/japan/ They will even pay for shipping … Continue reading

How to fold an origami paper crane

Instructions on how to fold a paper crane.